Watch Live: Biden gets COVID-19 booster shot

Washington — President Biden is getting his COVID-19 vaccine booster shot on Monday, after public health officials recommended boosters for many Americans, including those 65 and older. 

Mr. Biden, 78, is getting his third shot on camera at the White House, where he will also deliver remarks Monday afternoon. 

The Food and Drug Administration granted an emergency use authorization last week for booster doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine six months after the completion of the two-dose course for those 65 and older, those with some underlying conditions and those who work in high-risk environments. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommended a booster shot for those groups of people. 

The president received his second dose of the vaccine in January, shortly before taking office. 

Public health officials have not recommended booster shots for the general public, something the White House earlier this summer had said would be available for all Americans this month. The White House still says there will be enough vaccine doses for all Americans to receive a booster shot, should public health officials’ recommendations change. 

Still, some Americans who don’t qualify are getting a third jab without public health officials’ thumbs up. Last week, when asked about Americans who aren’t eligible for booster shots but are getting them anyway, the president indicated that booster shots might be more widely recommended in the future. 

“Well, I think what’s going to happen is you’re going to see that, in the near term — or we’re probably going to open this up anyway,” he told reporters after a speech on the administration’s vaccination campaign. “They’re constantly looking at — we’re looking at both Moderna and J&J. And we’re both — as I said in the speech — in addition to that, we’re also looking to the time when we’re going to be able to expand the booster shots, basically, across the board.”