Lady Gaga’s dog walker recalls night he was shot by dognappers

Ryan Fischer cared for pop icon Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs before his life changed in February during what was supposed to be a normal walk.

Fischer was walking singer’s dogs in Hollywood when he was approached by two masked men, one of whom was carrying a gun. Fischer struggled with the men before one of them fired a single shot that pierced Fischer’s lung before fleeing with two of the dogs.

In his first television interview, Fischer described to “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King how badly he was wounded.

“It was a severe one shot. And when I went back, cause I had to go back to the hospital a second time to have the surgery cause my lung had collapsed, the people in the ER who I’d seen that night told me that they didn’t think I was gonna survive that night,” he recalled. “So and I had felt that, cause I had, I was very awake during, while they were operating on me that night. But just to hear them say it, it was, it makes it more real.” 

More of Gayle King’s interview with Ryan Fischer will air on “CBS Mornings” on Friday, September 17.