Face shields for work and travel

man wearing face shield
If you choose to wear a face shield, it must be paired with a face mask to protect from COVID-19. Toni Rantala / EyeEm

If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of face shields during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s the bad news first: There’s no guarantee that face shields alone will protect you from COVID-19.

“The takeaway is that you should always, always wear a mask,” San Francisco internal medicine physician Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider says. “But if you happen to have a face shield, you need to wear it with your mask.”

That said, some people do like to layer them with masks for a few reasons: There’s no harm in the added eye protection, and if you have trouble remembering not to touch your eyes or face, the shield can help.

If you’re interested in pairing a face shield with your mask, see the six face shield options below for work and travel.

Maxboost protective face shield (3 pack) 

Maxboost Protective Face Shield

These extra thick face shields from Amazon are super affordable and have an anti-fog coating. You can adjust their fit around your head with a slide adjuster, plus they feature foam padding for comfort.

Maxboost protective face shield (3 pack), $7

Polaroid adult clear face shield

Polaroid Adult Clear Face Shield

This Polaroid face shield has an adjustable fit and is an ideal distance from your face to help reduce moisture and fogging. It also allows enough room for eyeglasses.

Polaroid adult clear face shield, $35

Montana West face shields (10 pack)

Montana West Face Shields
Montana West via Walmart

This Montana West set comes with two pairs of acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses, as well as 10 face shields. The shields have an anti-fog coating and a soft, hypoallergenic foam brow pad.

Montana West Face Shields (10 pack), $11 (reduced from $13)

Kenneth Cole protective adult face shield

Kenneth Cole Protective Adult Face Shield

This Kenneth Cole shield with integrated nose pads comes in three colors. You can remove the nose rest to wear your own glasses underneath if you’d like. It’s anti-oil, anti-fog and dust-proof. 

Kenneth Cole protective adult face shield, $39

ZShield Wrap neck-mounted face shield

ZShield Wrap

If you’d prefer a neck-mounted face shield, check out this option from Amazon. Its visor can be pulled up over your face when needed.

“This is without a doubt more comfortable than shields with a band that goes around the head or the ones you wear like a pair of glasses,” reviewer Chris says of the ZShield Wrap.

ZShield Wrap neck-mounted face shield, $18

Cartoon animal face shields for kids (9 pack)

9-Pack Kids' Safety Face Shields Fully Wrap-Around Protection Breathable Covering Clear Visor Cartoon Animals Reusable Lightweight High-Transparency Elastic Headband Pad Comfortable Fit for Boys Girls

Made for kids up to 12 years old with a head circumference between 18 and 24 inches, these reusable face shields feature nine fun animal designs. The shields are made of distortion-free PET material, and are treated with an anti-fog and anti-static coating.

Cartoon animal face shields for kids (9 pack), $22

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