Technology How TreeHouse Biosciences is helping brands with its patented THC remediation technology

xt Frontier Brands, an international consumer packaged goods company with a focus on beverage and wellness products, along with its subsidiary TreeHouse Biosciences, recently announced the launch of a service that offers removal of THC from hemp extracts.

TreeHouse Biosciences claims to have amassed a platform of intellectual property related to accessing cannabinoids, both organic and synthetic, including two methods for removing THC from hemp extracts.

The company has a USDA Organic Certified method that uses heat and oxygen as well as another method that uses chromatography.
Keeping the baby while throwing out the bath water

According to Jake Black, PhD, chief science officer of Next Frontier Brands, when THC is removed in a controlled way, it can still retain the benefits of the other cannabinoids and components in a hemp extract while conforming to strict regulations.

“Other methods of THC removal remove multiple important cannabinoids from the extracts, so the benefits of those cannabinoids are also lost. This results in ‘broad spectrum’ consumer products that only contain CBD instead of a complex extract of many naturally occurring cannabinoids,”​ explained Black.
Consumer protection

The patented technology removes the THC from hemp extracts and distillates without dilution, maintaining high contents of the minor cannabinoids CBG, CBC, and CBN. Black explained that because of a lack of clarity in labelling, testing, and definitions, the consumer likely doesn’t know this. Black maintained that is important for CPG companies to protect consumers against deceptive practices such as dilution to ensure that the starting ingredients are efficacious.

Black added that non-compliant THC content in hemp-derived ingredients is a well known issue in the industry for full and broad spectrum CBD products.
“As regulators require lower and lower levels of THC in end consumer products, extractors need solutions that will remove THC from the raw ingredient yet still retain the other cannabinoids to maintain high quality broad spectrum products. This is difficult to do on scale. Consumer packaged goods companies and extraction companies alike seek out TreeHouse Biosciences for our patented technology that retains a wide array of cannabinoids in our hemp extracts while reducing the THC to compliant levels.”​
No THC? No problem