Technology America’s first airsoft shooting technology in Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – New airsoft shooting technology, the first of its kind in the United States, is in the capital city.

AttackSense, an electronic target system designed for airsoft and non-lethal rounds, technology tracks a shooter’s accuracy and timing when aiming for the red target. The owners of the Airsoft Zone on Highway 24 in Topeka, Regan and Megan Snyder, said it’s popular in Europe but now it’s across the pond.

Regan said, “You’ll get a member ID card like right here and the back will have a QR code so every time you come and you log in to our system, it saves all your information,” said Regan.

A big reason they think shooting airsoft pistols, rifles, even a tommy gun can become popular in the capital city is because of the safety.

“I think the youngest kid we’ve had out here is four.” It teaches young and old how to hold, aim, and shoot like a real gun,” said Megan. “They feel like real guns, they’re heavy just like real ones. Everybody seems to be really interested in it.”

Regan also is the owner of American Patriotic Supply and Megan owns Be Safe Girl. They teamed up to expand their business avenues, along with the help of the American Legion. They are splitting all of their profits 50/50 with Post 400.

“It adds a little activity for the whole family to come and do,” said Regan. “What’s also great is we’re partnering with the American Legion for this. We’re partnered together just to save the building in general.”

They are taking it step-by-step being a new spot for families to go in town. So for now, you can only find this here in Topeka, Kansas.

“Be able to take them out. Parties, events, special events, we’ll be able to travel with the system. Something new that’s never really been done before,” said Megan.

“We’ve had a couple different traveling leagues come through already that are super excited about the opportunity so we’re hoping down the road to be able to expand out,” Regan said.

The grand opening will be in mid-September.

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