Is it time for a new coffee maker?

Man preparing espresso with espresso machine
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More than half of Americans — 62 percent — drink coffee daily. Many rely on a local barista to whip up a caffeinated beverage, but more people than ever are brewing java at home. In addition to saving you money in the long run, investing in a great coffee maker can simplify your morning routine — especially given that the newest batch of coffee makers offer many more features than the traditional drip machine 

CBS Essentials has rounded up coffee makers with great reviews and the newest features, including cold-brew coffee makers, pour-over coffee makers, French press, single-serve, espresso machines and even a smart coffee maker controllable via an app and Alexa. 

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart 


Keurig dominates the single-serve market, with their easy-to-use coffee makers and impressive selection of pods. Their newly released Wi-Fi-enabled K-Supreme Plus Smart offers the savviest pod technology on the market. Brew from anywhere with the touch of a button (or the shout of “Alexa!”); set your personal preferences via a downloadable app; and enjoy the convenience of BrewID, which recognizes the brand and roast of each pod and adjusts brewing accordingly. Only available on the Keurig website at the moment, it will be everywhere in the fall. 

Breville Precision Brewer thermal coffee maker


Many coffee aficionados appreciate Breville’s Precision Brewer, which offers six brewing modes — cold brew, “over ice” and fast included — and a thermal pot to keep coffee warm for hours. Everything from water temperature to flow speed can be adjusted and the machine even comes with dual filter baskets to match flavor preferences. For those who appreciate pour-over coffee, it accommodates an adapter, sold separately. 

KitchenAid cold-brew coffee maker


The KitchenAid cold-brew coffee maker offers an easy and foolproof method for at-home cold brew. Simply fill the barrel with cold water and your favorite grinds and allow it to steep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Once brewed, dispense via the convenient tap and enjoy on ice, with milk or water, or add it to a smoothie. 

Cuisinart Premium single serve brewer


For those who live alone or prefer brewing coffee by the cup, there’s the Cuisinart Premium single-serve brewer. Compatible with any brand of single-cup pod — including Keurig K-Cup pods — it also comes with a reusable filter cup to add grinds of your choice. Adjustable brewing temperatures and cup sizes, in addition to a hot-water-only feature for soups, teas or hot cocoa, add to the appeal of this compact, but mighty, machine. 

Mr. Coffee iced-coffee maker

Mr. Coffee/Amazon

Iced-coffee drinkers love this affordable machine from Mr. Coffee, according to reviews. The gadget brews refreshing, chilled coffee in just four minutes, for non-watered down java enjoyment.   

Black + Decker programmable coffee maker 

Black + Decker/Amazon

Well equipped with features and just under $23, this budget-friendly option from Black + Decker offers a classic drip-brew experience. A fan favorite on Amazon, the 12-cup coffee maker has digital controls, two-hour shutoff and quick-touch programming, enabling you set up an automatic brew. 

Bodum French press


While coffee maker technology constantly changes, Bodum’s enduring French press sustains the test of time. The highly rated, take-anywhere, no-outlet-needed, easy-to-clean coffee maker brews rich, strong coffee in just four minutes, with just hot water and ground beans. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. 

Nespresso Vertuo Next


The latest offering from Nespresso, the sleek and space-saving Vertuo Next brews rich, barista-quality espresso drinks from capsules in less than a minute. Simply drop in a capsule and the gadget automatically adapts coffee size, temperature, pressure and brewing time with the touch of a button. Worried about excess waste? Nespresso offers a recycling program for all of its customers, so used aluminum capsules bypass the landfill. Each unit comes with a complimentary sample pack of Nespresso pods. 

Philips 3200 series espresso machine and latte maker


Brew a latte, cappuccino, Americano or other barista-style coffee drink from whole beans with the touch of a button. Philips 3200 series espresso machine and grinder is feature-heavy, easy-to-operate, professional-worthy gadget. Equipped with a milk frother dubbed “LatteGo,” it mixes milk and air at high speed in a round frothing chamber, then addsit to a brew for a one-stop, coffee shop-worthy drink. Amazon reviewers rave that it works better than models two to three times the price, and praise the easy-to-clean technology. 

Breville Bambino espresso maker


The best-selling, highly rated and often hard-to-find Breville Bambino is an affordable, well made espresso maker. More compact than the average espresso machine, it delivers one- and two-shot servings, extracting the maximum from grinds. It’s also equipped with a steam wand and jug, which froths milk and water for lattes and Americanos, so barista-style drinks are easily achievable.