Inside the Nicole Addimando murder case

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

On September 27, 2018, Christopher Grover was found dead in his home. His partner Nicole Addimando admits to killing him, but claims she was horrifically abused.

Nikki Addimando and Chris Grover lived together in an apartment in this building in Poughkeepsie, New York, where Chris Grover’s body was found.

The Living Room

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

Inside the apartment, Chris Grover was found dead on the couch with a single gunshot wound to the head. The gun was on the floor, the carpet slightly askew.

The Sewing Room

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

In the sewing room, a camera was found on the ground. Addimando claimed Grover threw it. Prosecutors argued that Addimando threw the camera herself, to make it look like Grover was trying to destroy evidence of abuse. No evidence was found on the camera. 

Laptop in the Tub

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

Officers found a laptop in the bathtub. Defense attorneys argued that Chris Grover broke the laptop and submerged it, perhaps to destroy evidence. The laptop was recovered and no evidence of abuse was found. Nikki Addimando testified that Grover disposed of hard drives containing evidence the day before she shot him.


Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

The gunshot wound to Chris Grover’s head was a hard contact wound, meaning the gun had to have been placed directly against his skin when it was shot.

Bullet Found inside Pillow

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

Chris Grover’s head was resting on a pillow when he died. The pillow was later removed from the scene and the bullet which killed Chris was found in the stuffing inside.

The Examination

John Ingrassia and Benjamin Ostrer, Defense Attorneys

Nikki Addimando never filed a formal complaint with police, but over the years had told therapists and friends that Chris Grover was abusing her at home. In 2014 she went to the hospital for an examination by a forensic nurse examiner. 

Injuries Documented

John Ingrassia and Benjamin Ostrer, Defense Attorneys

At Nikki Addimando’s trial, defense attorneys presented many photos of injuries she’d sustained over the years, arguing that Chris Grover had caused these injuries. Prosecutors said the injuries could have been unrelated or self-inflicted.

Red Marks

John Ingrassia and Benjamin Ostrer, Defense Attorneys

Nikki Addimando testified that Chris Grover raped her and left her tied her up, sometimes for hours, resulting in red marks to her wrists. Prosecutors disputed this story. 

Burn Injuries

John Ingrassia and Benjamin Ostrer, Defense Attorneys

Other marks were documented including the burn mark on Nikki’s chest and blister on her chin, seen in this photo. Nikki alleges they were caused by Chris. 

A Card for Chris

Putnam County District Attorney’s Office

Nikki Addimando made this card for Chris Grover when she became pregnant with their son. Prosecutors argued that if Grover was really her abuser, she would not have made this card. Addimando countered that she made the card before the worst abuse started, and that Grover was a great father but was different behind closed doors. 

Support for Chris

The Poughkeepsie Journal

Many called for justice for Chris Grover, who was a gymnastics coach beloved by family, friends, and students.

They Stand with Nikki

Michelle Horton

Nikki Addimando’s family members, friends who say they witnessed injuries, and advocates for victims of domestic violence rallied to her defense.

Addimando’s Artwork

Michelle Horton/Nicole Addimando

Nikki Addimando created this drawing of herself and her son Ben while serving time at the Dutchess County Jail. She hopes to one day be reunited with her children.