Above-ground pools to fit any backyard and budget

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If you want the privacy of your own pool but not the cost of one, consider an above-ground pool for your backyard this summer. These pools are significantly more affordable than in-ground pools and easier to remove if you ever tire of them. They may not be so large as some in-ground pools, but there are still models big enough to swim in. As long as you have an even surface for placing the pool, and your homeowner’s association approves, an above-ground pool is a quick-fix option.

Below are 10 reviewer-loved, above-ground pools to upgrade your backyard fast, from affordable to splurge-worthy. These pools come in a range of sizes ideal for kids and adults alike.

For tiny spaces: Funboy x Malibu Barbie dream kiddie pool


If you’re just looking to cool off and want an affordable, low-commitment option, pick up one of the Funboy kiddie pools. This limited edition, Malibu Barbie-branded model has a 66-inch diameter. It fits two adults and has rapid inflate and deflate valves, meaning it can be backyard-ready in mere minutes. Save 25% now.

5.5′ x 1.5′ deep Malibu Barbie pool

Large inflatable pool on a budget: Urroy inflatable swimming pool

Urroy Full-Size Inflatable Swimming Pool
Urroy via Amazon

If you’re looking for a larger inflatable swimming pool, consider this 10-foot option with a marine animal print. It has a non-slip texture and three individual air chambers to help prevent air and water leakage and withstand extra weight.

“It’s large enough for my 3- and 1-year-olds to ‘swim’ while hubby and I have space to lounge and relax,” reviewer RR says. “I like that my kids can get in and out of it themselves too.” 

10′ x 6′ x 2′ deep inflatable pool

A pool with quick setup: Bestway Fast Set rattan pool

Bestway fast ground rattan pool set
Bestway via Amazon

This rattan-print pool comes in seven sizes and is the most affordable option here. The ring around the top inflates and the pool can be filled with water in around an hour.

“The size 13-foot by 33-inch works just fine for cooling off and floating around,” reviewer Chrissy says. “Do not buy this if you want to swim or dive.”

13′ x 2.75′ deep inflatable ring pool

Budget family pool: Intex metal-frame above-ground pool set 

Intex metal frame above ground pool set
Intex via Amazon

Choose from four sizes of this metal-framed pool. It comes with a filter pump and dual-suction outlet fittings that improve the water’s circulation for clarity and hygiene.

“It’s deep enough that the kids can still swim underwater, but not too big as to take up the whole yard,” reviewer Looeybee says of the 12-foot by 2.5-foot size.

12′ x 2.5′ deep metal-frame pool

A pool that blends in: Bestway round above-ground swimming pool kit

Bestway Steel Pro Max Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit
Bestway Steel via Amazon

This round, stone-print pool is on the smaller side, so it’s more suited for cooling off, rather than swimming. It has a flow-control drain valve that connects to a garden hose to drain the pool in the off-season. It also comes with a heavy-duty repair patch and a DVD with instructions on how to set up and maintain the pool.

12′ x 2.5′ deep steel-frame pool

For medium-sized yards: Bestway Steel Pro Max swimming pool set

Bestway steel pro max swimming pool set
Bestway via Amazon

This steel-frame pool comes in seven sizes. It comes with a filter pump, ground cloth, ladder and pool cover. The model takes two to three people to assemble. 

18′ x 4′ deep steel-frame pool

A pool with built-in shade: Bestway Power Steel above-ground pool set

Bestway power steel round above ground pool set
Bestway via Walmart

This steel-frame pool comes with a canopy to offer some shade. It also comes with a filter pump, a ladder, a pool cover and a ChemConnect chemical dispenser that provides a stable, evenly dispersed level of chlorine.

13′ x 3.5′ deep canopy pool

High-quality pool with cover: Intex Ultra XTR frame pool set

Intex Ultra XTR frame pool set
Intex via Walmart

Choose from three sizes in this round steel-frame pool that can be set up in an hour. It comes with a sand filter pump, ladder and pool cover.

“It’s very easy to set up and is durable,” reviewer ll4ut says. “I bought it last year and used it every day. I left it up through the winter and just drained and filled it back up this spring. It’s in perfect condition!”

18′ x 4.33′ deep steel-frame pool

For larger yards: Intex Ultra XTR above-ground frame pool

Intex ultra XTR set above ground pool
Intex via Amazon

This steel pool comes in larger sizes that you can actually swim in. It comes with a saltwater system and a sand-filter pump combo; a pool ladder; a ground cloth and a cover. Hydro aeration technology provides better circulation and filtration and improves the water clarity.

“This pool is great for a family of seven,” reviewer oakleytiger says of the 24-foot by 12-foot by 52-inch size. “We have taught our kids how to swim in this pool.” 

24′ x 12′ x 4.33′ deep steel-frame pool

A permanent above-ground pool: Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve steel-walled pool

Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve Round Above Ground Swimming Pool
Lake Effect via Amazon

For a more traditional and more permanent above-ground pool, check out this steel-walled model offered in sizes up to 30 feet wide. Choose from five sizes and five liner prints. It’s designed to remain in your yard year-round.

30′ x 4.33′ deep steel-walled pool