12 Amazon buys under $20 to brighten your day

Young woman skateboarding
Stephen Zeigler / Getty Images

If you’ve been feeling like you’re going through a particularly rough time lately, you’re not alone. Bad days happen to the best of us, and you can’t always control the circumstances surrounding them. Whether it’s stress from work, school or perhaps all of the major changes the country is collectively experiencing as the U.S. slowly lifts pandemic restrictions, sometimes it can be easier to focus on the small details that are within our control.

There’s no one single secret to happiness, but a little bit of low-budget retail therapy can provide a boost to anyone’s day. From fidget toys to festive face masks, here are 12 great products under $20 on Amazon that will bring a smile to your face.

This color LED smart light bulb

Kasa dimmable smart bulb
Kasa via Amazon

The right lighting can definitely improve the vibe of a room — and bring a little bit of cheer. These Wi-Fi enabled smart bulbs for Kasa set up without requiring a separate hub, so it’s easy to fill any room with whatever color light you choose. Group multiple lights together for an even cooler, custom look.

These bulbs, normally priced at $22 each, are currently available on Amazon for $11 after coupon. That’s an even lower price than they were offered at during Amazon Prime Day!

A super squishy corgi plushie

Corgi Dog Plush Pillow

An adorable corgi can brighten just about any day. This plush and cuddly corgi pillow measures 11.8-inches (a larger, 17.7-inch corgi is also available for $21) and has a zipper on the side so you can remove its stuffing and wash it when it gets dirty.

An adorable cactus desk fan that’s rechargeable

Cactus desk fan

This adorable rotating cactus desk fan is perfect for keeping you cool under pressure on the job, whether at the office or at home. Unlike many USB desk fans, this three-speed model has a battery that lasts up to 3.5 hours (at top speed), so it doesn’t need to stay tethered to a laptop.

Don’t forget to clip the 5% off coupon before checkout — it’ll save you a cool buck on the price.

A pair of dinosaur-shaped tea infusers

dinosaur-shaped tea infusers
Tilevo via Amazon

These dinosaur-shaped tea infusers from Tilevo are made with non-toxic silicone and will give you a compellingly cute excuse to smile (and buy more loose-leaf tea). Just place tea into the body of the dinosaur and let it sink to the bottom of a mug to steep. Easy to clean and microwave- and dishwasher-safe, these dinosaurs will make certain that tea time never involves a mouthful of loose tea leaves.

Normally priced at $20, they’re on sale right now for just $15.

A portable snow cone machine

portable snow cone machine
Kosbon via Amazon

This manual snow cone maker from Kosbon can go anywhere you go this summer, no electricity needed. With durable stainless-steel blades and an easy-to-use hand crank, this shaved-ice machine is reliably cool. This gadget comes with an ice-cube tray, 30 snow-cone cups, four spoon-straws and three bottle pourers. Add syrup and you’ll be set for a sweet day.

Here’s some news that makes this sweet gadget even sweeter: It’s currently on sale at Amazon. Be sure to apply the coupon before you check out to save an extra $2.

Character-themed sheet masks

The cheetah character-themed sheet mask
Epielle via Amazon

This character-themed set from Epielle comes with six sheet masks, each with its own skincare function. Choose from a cheetah, otter, panda, unicorn, mermaid or llama for a festive and fun spa experience suitable for all ages. This is a fun gift for any person who wants to lighten their mood while they treat themselves and their skin. 

An essential oil diffuser 

Essential oil diffuser
Diffuserlove via Amazon

This LED essential-oil diffuser from Diffuserlove can help set the tone for the day with noiseless aromatherapy that’s soothing to the senses. The diffuser’s seven color modes provide a peaceful light as cool mist rises into the air. The remote-control function means you won’t need to disturb your freshly cultivated calm when you’re ready to turn it off. You can even set it to intermittently turn on and disperse a relaxing oil, such as lavender, throughout the day or night.

A pack of push-pop toys

pack of push-pop toys
Alyen via Amazon

This three-pack of stress-relief push-pop toys from Alyen might be just the thing for anyone returning to the office in the coming months. These sensory, or “fidget,” toys rose to popularity in 2017. Created to relieve stress and anxiety, and to help folks focus more easily, fidget toys have made a big comeback, for obvious reasons. These silicone push-pop toys come in an array of fun shapes and colors and may provide some relief from a stressful day. 

A pair of mini disco lights

mini disco lights
Anion via Amazon

These mini disco lights from Anion can bring a party to life anywhere with a USB port handy. With the mini disco ball’s built-in sound control sensors, users can dance the night away with lighting that matches the beat of the music.

A pack of bath bombs with a surprise inside

bath bomb pack with surprise toys inside
Joyin via Amazon

Each bath bomb in this bubble bath bomb set from Joyin comes with a surprise mochi squishy toy. With a variety of sweet scents — orange, lavender, strawberry, grape, apple, peach, watermelon and marshmallow — these fizzy bath bombs make a nice gift for kids ages 3 and up. And when the bubbles finally clear, you’ll have a stretchy and adorable bath-time souvenir.

A desktop boxing starter kit

A mini boxing set
Running Press via Amazon

This desktop boxing starter kit from Running Press comes with a mini desktop punching bag, two tiny boxing gloves for your index fingers, and a book with suggested finger-boxing moves to get the tiny training process started. Suction-cup the bottom of the punching bag to your desk, and suddenly, break time becomes a bit more therapeutic.

A moon lamp

Moon lamp
Brightworld via Amazon

This touch-controlled 3D-printed lunar lamp from Brightworld lets you sleep under a full moon every night. Cordless and designed using data by NASA satellites, this lamp gets you as close as possible to holding the moon in the palm of your hand. Use it as a nightlight, or to add ambience to a room. It has two light modes and is dimmable, with a battery life lasting anywhere between 6 and 12 hours based on its brightness.

Apply the available coupon on Amazon before checkout and you’ll save an extra 20%, dropping the price of this cool lamp to $16.